Friday, December 28, 2012

How to Sync Subtitles of Movies in KMPlayer

KMPlayer is one of my favorite video players since it has the simple user interface as well as 3D capabilities.  It supports almost all media formats. Most of us require subtitles while watching movies in other languages. However most media player support subtitles, I use VLC media player and KMPlayer for watching videos with subtitles. In either case, some subtitles that you've downloaded from internet may not be synchronized with the video file. This makes audio either lagging or leading the subtitle making it no use. to correct this issue we have options in re-syncing the subtitle texts to audio in both VLC and KMPlayer.

Here I'll show you how to sync subtitles in KMPlayer.

You have two options to sync your subtitles. one is to edit the subtitle file or to sync the subtitle using the subtitle resync option. We''ll consider the second one since its much easier to do.

1. Make sure that the subtitle file has the same file name as the video file and put them in the same folder. This is very basic thing.
2. Play the video file. Carefully watch how the subtitle is misaligned with the video sequence if it leads or lags.
3. Now right click on the video and select Subtitles > Subtitle resync > Resync Subtitle

 In the small box, enter the time in milliseconds that should be adjusted to play the subtitle in correct sync. Try different values until you get the best one. Click OK. Now you should be getting your subtitles playing in synchronization with the video file.

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