Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Play NFS Carbon Fullscreen

Many old games on our new modern laptops may seem wasting the sides of the screen as they're not capable of running in higher resolutions. Need for speed Carbon is one of such game which refuses to play resolutions beyond 1024x768. We already discussed how to play NFS most wanted widescreen using a resolution changer patch. Here we gonna checkout how to run Carbon game in full screen probably on a laptop.

The best workaround I found to run this game in full screen is to use a software called Universal Widescreen Patcher. The game NFSC.exe file can be patched to run custom resolutions. To use this method, follow these steps carefully.

  • Download UniWS from the link. (
  • Its azip file that contains two file - uniws.exe and patches.ini file. Extract the zip archive to get these two.
  • Open patches.ini file using notepad or whatever. copy the following code and replace with content inside the file, save and close.
a0=Need For Speed Carbon
[Need For Speed Carbon]
details=Select the 640x480 resolution in game to use your custom resolution.
  • Double click uniws.exe to open it. Explore the folder where you installed NFS carbon. Type in the resolution you want to play the game (1366 x 768) and click patch. If everything is okay, you'll get a message saying the game is successfully patched. Then close the program.

  • Open the game, goto options change the display resolution to 640 x 480 and apply changes. You're done!.

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