Monday, December 5, 2011

How To Extract apk Files From Android Phone

Sometimes you need to send your installed android apps or games to your friends. but unless you have the installation apk file, you wont be able to send them directly. One way to overcome this problem is to extract apk from the installed apps and send it via bluetooth or some other ways. Here, I'll share two methods which  are found easier to extract apk files from android apps which are downloaded from android market. 

Method 1 - using ASTRO file manager.

you can download ASTRO file manager from android market. To extract apk:

  • Open ASTRO file manager.

  • Touch the menu button and click tools, then select Application Manager/Backup

  • Choose the applications and click backup.
  • The extracted apk will be stored in SDcard/ backups/apps
You can do the same using ES file manager also.

One disadvantage of method 1 is it cant extract apk files of system apps. the ASTRO will not display stock application to backup. We can overcome this difficulty by choosing the second method.

Method 2 - Using Airdroid

This method is the most efficient and is simple too. Read my previous post to know how to get connected using airdroid android application . Its very simple. After you got connected:
  • Click apps from PC, a window will come with a list of all applications including system apps and application that are installed from android market and third-party apps. 

  • Select the application you want to extract and click Export. It will be downloaded to your PC as an apk file. 

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