Friday, December 16, 2011

Format a Write Protected Transcend USB Pen drive

There are many methods to get recovered from write protected error from pen drives. To format a transcend write protected pen drive use the following utilities one by one and find yourself one that works for your pen drive.

1. Transcend Autoformat 
This tool from transcend allows you to format USB drives or memory card that cant be formatted with using the normal format feature of windows. It can reformat and recover format error data on your usb drive.

Download Autoformat

2. Mformat
This is another utility that can be used to format erroneous pen drives. It can format/partition the disk space. After formating, unplug the device and reconnect. You may need to repeat 2-3 times to get results.

3. JetFlash Online Recovery

This tool is developed for Transcend JetFlash USB flash drives. If your pen drive has to be repaired, just connect and run this program so that it'll be connected to their servers. You can format the usb disk by clicking "erase data and format drive" when prompted. 

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Elison said...

Does not work. Check before posting.

vasudev said...

i just wanna really thank the person who have posted this because it really saved my life by recovering my 8gb transcend pendrive.

Anonymous said...

Worked like a charm!! I used JetFlash Online Recovery for my write protected Transcend Jetflash pen drive

Anonymous said...

Good Tool. I could format my pen drive with this tools.

shashi sirsi said...

thanks... my 8gb pen drive is working...

Praveen Pavi said...

Wow,, It is working, a good tool, Used for transcend 4gb pendrive.
Thanks for Jetflash rec tol. :)

rocky said...

my pen drive not format. write protect error.

how to format? sir plz help me.

Floorise said...

Lovely Tool.. I Appreciate it

Craig said...

JetFlash 500 shows as a "USB MEMORY BAR DEVICE"
Changing the drive letter did not help and neither of Transcend's tools help. Online Recovery tells me I have a "flash size error"
AutoFormat 1.8 tool indicates "FAIL & Format Error"
The drive is BRAND NEW... needless to say I am very disappointed

Anonymous said...

Autoformat worked like a charm!!

I am very delighted since the corrupted pen drive belonged to my friend.

Thanks a lot...


Anonymous said...

what a joke while formatting pen drive it says'' write protected''
yaar thats why i downloaded autoformat

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