Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to Tether Galaxy Ace GT S5830 as a WiFi hotspot

Android OS for smartphones brings you the feature of sharing your phone's network connection to other WiFi enabled devices. This is called mobile tethering since one 3g data connection on your phone bring all your friends a faster internet in the class i their laptop or smartphone. Here's how to setup galaxy ace as wifi hotspot since the factory version of android 2.2 supports tethering. (Mobile AP)

Note that mobile tethering is often one of the main causes of battery draining. Turn it off when it is not required. 

Tether Samsung Galaxy AceFollow these step by step procedure to activate wifi hotspot.
  • Goto main menu > Settings > Wireless and network settings > tethering and portable hotspot

  • Here you'll find options for USB tethering and mobile AP. Click Mobile AP settings > Configure mobile AP

  • You have the option of either leave your data network as an open network, or you can password protect so making sure that only your friends are using it. 

  • Enter network SSID (any name) 
  • Select security either Open / WPA2 PSK 
  • set password. Click save.

  • Check Mobile AP to turn it on. that's it. you've successfully configured your galaxy ace as a wifi hotspot or mobile access point. (You'll see a notification that the mobile AP is active) 
  • Search on other devices to find your data connection
Note: WiFi is not required to be turned on in order to work mobile AP.

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Buy Used Cell Phone said...

Thank you this is very informative.

donnabee said...

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Anonymous said...

In spite of following this procedure mobile ip is not turning on. I get an error. Can anyone suggest what should i do further to use wifi hotspot in samsung galaxy ace?

Anonymous said...

i guys.. I have a same problem that i get my mobileAP error.. Why? I have configured but i cant acces my galaxyace as a wifi hotspot..

IRFAN said...

Thanks Markos!
Its very helpfull to me. Actually i bought samsung galaxy tab without sim support. I was very worried how to connect my tab to the internet on the go. But ur tip solved my problem. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Working! Great, very thanks!

Vicki said...

Have gone through this process but cannot get any internet on my tablet.Can you suggest what else to do?

Anonymous said...

i do that for my phone but for some peculiar reason when I connect it to my desktop (no Wi-Fi card so I tether via usb)it says no driver found or needed so when I download kies which has all drivers I installed it on my desktop but I still get an error saying I don't have any drivers and it wont connect to the computer let alone the internet HELP!

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