Sunday, October 9, 2011

Best Browser for Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Your android phone is definitely a good alternative to your pc in case of web browsing. But in case of india, 3G services and 3G data cards are very costly. So GPRS/EDGE network is your choice for sure. But, your android phone didn't ship with the best web browser. In other word's google hasn't included a good all round stock browser for your phone. It sucks in page loading and download management. It's better to install some good fast web browser apps on your android. Here's the list of best web browsers around.for android 2.3 gingerbread.

1. Dolphin Browser HD 5.0 (for Android)

  • Versatile mobile browser for android.
  • Lot's of plugins, themes which you can download.
  • Adobe flash support
  • Navigation bu gesture 
2. Opera Mini 6.1 for Android

I suggest this one as the second because I'm pretty impressed with thi browsers performance with slow internet connections. It's very fast indeed.

  • Most successful and fastest growing browser app.
  • Uses significantly less data for loading web pages : less traffic = faster speed = low gprs cost
  • Displays static web pages - no flash support.
  • It doesn't support local languages
  • Smart and fast lovable interface.
  • No exit button
3. Firefox 4 for Android
  • It's even faster than the stock browser
  • Lot's of addons- For customizing look and feel of the browser
  • Doesn't support embedded mobile video.
  • Firefox Sync—for synchronizing bookmarks, history, passwords, and preferences.
4. Skyfire browser for android

This is the most smartest mobile browser. It supports flash videos embedded in a web page not by supporting adobe flash player but by processing videos by skyfire servers first. 

  • Mobile browsing exactly like PC 
  • Fast interface and page loading
  • Optional video license key
  • Fast startup
5. UCWeb 7.5 for Android

Among other top web browsers for android platform, UCWeb has nothing extra to claim but a superior download management system. It downloads big files very fast through Edge/GPRS but also has the capability of resuming downloads without dropping.

  • Video playback through excellent file compression
  • Easy to copy and paste text.
  • Setting a proxy server

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Anonymous said...

Where is Miren?????????! The best hands down! Also, how can a browser with lack of flash support(!) like Firefox make it on the list?????!

prince said...

Boat mini browser is also good browse. Quick to open website with simple interface.

Anonymous said...

Well i prefer to use Dolphin browser on my android. Its fast and good. Alternatively, people can go for Opera Mobile.

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