Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Ace To PC

The Samsung galaxy series smart phones are become very popular these days as Samsung launches some best android devices such as galaxy ace, fit, pop or mini and the new galaxy s II. All your phone with pc right away but if you're using windows xp, things may get tricky. A software called samsung kies is used to manage your phone on PC (like PC studio). The main problem when you're installing kies is the lack of two pre installed softwares none other than dotnetfx 4 and Windows Imaging Component (WIC). 

Here's the steps to install Samsung Kies on your windows xp service pack:

1. First you should install a software called  Windows Imaging Component (WIC) which is used to display and edit any image formats by the application. The WIC can be downloaded from here.

2. The next step is to install dotnetfx 4 which can either downloaded from here (48.11 MB) or it can be found on the disk comes with your mobile device. 

3.  After these sucsessful installations, insert the Samsung kies cd, and install kies. There shoulnt be no errors if you've installed the two softwares correctly.

4. after installing the software, connect your Phone to PC then open Kies. If your phone is successfully connected, you'll get the following screen.

Note: If you only wants to transfer files between your computer and SD card' you don't need to open kies. Just pull out the notification bar and select turn on usb storage

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chethan said...

done the above said steps but not able to conect....
it gives this device not supported by samsung apps...i have samsung galaxy ace

plz help

chethan said...

it also gives reconnect in kies to do it

farkyne said...

I use windows 7.
On my phone (galaxy ace) I get no notification, why is that?

Anonymous said...

vimal +2307787956
its very easy everything is in your kies cd just right click + explore your cd + open external folder on ze cd then open net 4.0 folder install dotnetfx40 + install wic _x86_enu here you are no need to connect to internet.

Anonymous said...

You just turn on the USB debugging mode. then,the problem is settle.

Anonymous said...

where is that usb debugging mode available

Mahesh Krish said...

when installing kies after all these installations (WIC and dotnet) at registration installation process I had some error with dll files.... when opening the kies it says "files are corrupted, so re-install may fix the problem", I did that many times but couldn't be done... Please any help would be very helpful..

Thanks and Regards
Mahesh K,

Anonymous said...

I want to share files b/w pc n mobile(galaxy pop) so i scrolled down the notification bar n did as u directed i.e. Selected turn on usb storage and then I tried to connect bt it was not connecting and was giving notification "SD card is ready to remove"....How to connect my mobile(galaxy pop) to PC

Kunal said...

while installing wic its showing
Setup could not find the file the update.inf file needed to update your system

Anonymous said...

hi,i have installed samsung kies in my pc from cd but from where i have to install WIC &dotnetfx 4 .

skin said...

i have the ace GT 5830 and have no problems connecting to kies on my computer. my daughter has the ace GT 5830T and kies isn't even recognizing that it's plugged in. can someone please explain?

RekhaKasyap said...

i do n ot have kies installed cant i transfer in any other way .. while downloading kies it says need wifi

Anonymous said...

Deeyem - Thanks for the tip about opening the notification bar on the phone - I was going insane trying to work out how to get the connection to work!

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