Thursday, June 16, 2011

How To Speed Up Tata Photon Plus Internet

Tata tel-services are one of the leading wireless internet providers in india. tata photon plus is their wireless internet service that offers you speed upto 3.1 Mbps and available on major cities in India. The tata photon+ is actually an upgraded version of photon whiz, which offered 150kbps speed. Tata Photon Plus uses EVDO Rev.0 technology (3G).

Many users complain about its speed as the getting only 50-60kbps with it in place of 125-150kbps. By their offer of 3.1 mbps speed, it do not means that you get 3.1 megabytes of data in a second. But it is mega bits per second, which means you may get 3.1/8= 0.387 megabytes per second of data or 387 Kbps data on the peak rate. But in actual conditions it doesn't happen. You may get 1.5 - 2 mbps speed in practice.

The browsing and downloading speed of tata photon plus is depend on multiple factors like the accessing area’s distance from the tower, time of the day, number of simultaneous users etc. However we can do something to have better experience with tata photon.

Optimize TCP/IP Settings.

1. Download TCP Optimizer
2. Open TCP optimizer. Move speed slider to 2000kbps and click optimal settings at bottom. then click apply and restart you system.
3. Try different connection speeds with software until you get better speed.

Try different Dns server address.

1. Open control panel find your connection in the network connections.Click properties, select internet protocol from the list and click properties. 
2. Edit the field to enter following DNS server address:
3. Click Ok
Download with IDM

When you download large files using tata photon, IDM seems to have good speed because it splits the files to pieces and download each part individually.

 Delete temporary internet files

1. Click start > Run
2. type %temp% and click ok
3. Delete all files and folders.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

when i download file from tata photon + it gives just 6 kb or some times 10 kbps speed you wrote that

Many users complain about its speed as the getting only 50-60kbps with it in place of 125-150kbps.

what should i do to get just 50 kbps :\

i tried your DNS tip made a little difference

Tomin said...

60 kbps means 60 kilobits per second not kilobytes. To calaculate it in kb, do the math. 60/8=7.5KBps which you have.

ijas said...

hi! i am ijas, i am using tata photon plus unlimited service, the speed that i am getting is min of 12kbps and max of 19 kbps. actually, i am getting tata photon whiz coverage because i am living in a remote area.
is there any software to access tata photon plus coverage?

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Thisis "The Napster" I wanted to enquire if the same procedure can be applied in Tata Photon Whiz. I live in Srinagar and the maximum speed I get here is around 3kb/ps which sucks bigtime. Even google takes time to open up. I am really fed up with the surfing speed. Please help.

Anonymous said...

i tried it and i am getting a bit of good speed i tried tcp one but dns is not working for me

Anonymous said...

Go to tata photon plus settings -> networks -> change tata photon whiz to hybrid..

Thulasidasan V said...

guys... all r remember onething... tataphotan offers.. photon+ for first 2gb data usage in unlimited plan.. after using ur 2gb.. u photon working slow.. u got 154kbps speed. u in coverage or non coverage area... u only got the 154kbps.. only its.. an photontrick . bsnl is gud.. my comment...

Monish said...

even i have tata photon+ but given speed is 156.o kbps but the speed i receive is 2kb 3kb or even sometime 0.01kb plz help

Anonymous said...

While i was using tata photon whiz, the speed was max up to 27kb......i took the stick and went to my cousin's home.....a gud place 4 every i saw youtube videos without buffering at 240p...quite well enough.....i deactivated it :/
i want to re-activate it now..... How??? My name is bicky

Shakshi S said...

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