Friday, February 18, 2011

Download Google Chrome 11 Offline Installer Latest

 The internet giant google released their laest version of chrome browser 11 beta. Google chrome is the only web browser application that combines fast start-up, fast page loading and speed search which allows you to search from the address bar itself.

Unlike other browser software's one problem with chrome browser is that the standalone offline version is not  available from google default to download. So if you want to install crome in many computers, you need to connect internet to each and download manually. If you want install chrome you need to download ChromeSetup.exe (small file, around 500KB). Once you run this setup it downloads the necessary files.

If the current installation is currepted, you have no other way other than downloading it again. This problem can be solved by downloading offline installer version of google chrome. Users have dial-up internet may affect this problem as their downloading speed is low.  To get rid of this issue, there are offline chrome installers available which uses the extracted files from installed google chrome to make complete setup. This is helpful if you have more than one computers which needs chrome. You can download google chrome 11.0 BETA offline standalone installer from the below link.
Download Google chrome Offline Installer

Note: Disadvantages of standalone installer

  • Auto update may not be work
  • May vulnerable to attacks if a security flaw is found in chrome

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