Saturday, August 7, 2010

What is sm56hlpr.exe and how to disable it?

Some times our computer will slow in response and might stuck when there are lots of programs or processes on the background. Removing useless application software or driver driver software plugins from the memory will boost your system to work efficiently. Finding unnecessary programs like sm56hlpr.exe from memory will do a fair task to speed up your system.

This post is intended for all peoples wondering what is sm56hlpr and provides simple steps to disable it.

What is sm56hlpr.exe - SM56 Modem Helper

sm56hlpr.exe is an application executable file installed with motorola SM56 dial up modem driver. This program is configured to provide function and diagnostic for motorola modems. After installing the SM56 modem drivers, a yellow telephone icon will be there on the system tray. The problem is there is no exit option in it when you right click or double click the icon. It will be reinstated even if you exit the program from task manager process list when you restart your system. So it will be difficult for a normal computer user to remove it from memory.

Steps to disable sm56hlpr.exe

To remove it from memory permanently, you can disable it from the startup programs.
1. Click start => run
2. Type "msconfig" without quotes hit enter.
3. A window will open, click on the start up tab and find sm56hlpr and uncheck.
4. close the window and restart the system.

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