Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reliance Big TV Tips and Tricks

Reliance BIG TV DTH services are become one of the fine & popular DTH service in india. Here's some tips and tricks I have noticed while using BIG TV.

 Remedy for unable to sort or rearrange channels: The unability of the user to change channels order in BIG TV as well as any DTH services is a big drawback because it is pre arranged and fixed from the time of transmission by reliance. So the user cant change the order of channels within the Set top box (STB).

To overcome this problem up to an extent, use favorites option provided. The favorites option allows you to select your favorites TV channels and you can save it by giving a unique name to it.

To save your channels as favorites:

1.Press Home in your Bigtv remote then select edit favorites list
2. Select new favorite then give a name to it. Then you may choose your important channels by scrolling through the list.
3. Press OK when you are completed.

You can activate this list after you turn on the STB by simply press the info and back button respectively. Now you will be able to rotate channels only that you are selected as your favourite.
Check your signal quality : You can see the signal strength and quality within the STB options.

To check signal strength and quality:

1. Press Home and select STB settings
2. Enter the unlock PIN 1234 and you will now be able to see all information about your connection, STB including smart card number, signal details and receiving frequency.

 Lock your channels : Parental control

You may lock certain channels which includes adults only programs easily within the STB set up.

Steps to use Parental control:

1. Press Home then select Parentel control then enter unlock PIN 0000  to enter to PC setup.
2. Here you can select channels to moderate, choose control mthod etc.
3. Also you can easily change your PIN to a new one.

 Program Reminder : Dont miss your favorite programs

BIG TV STB includes a set of options to mark the programs for remind you before they are going to start. For example you are planned to watch Man Vs Wild in Discovery channel Which starts at 1 PM, you may set a reminder to the program in the Guide setup. When the program is about to start, you will receive a notification about it.

If you have more tips, please share it below!

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