Saturday, July 17, 2010

Download Google Chrome Latest Full installation File - Offline Installer

Google chrome is one of the cool browser available on the internet globe and is widely accepted. The things i am going to explain is only for people facing slow internet connectivity.

The problem is the normal google chrome download first download a setup file on your computer and then install the chrome browser when you click on setup by downloading necessary files.

The normal Google chrome Download Process
1. Download ChromeSetup.exe (small file, around 500KB)
2. Click on that file will download chrome files ( 7 - 20 MB )

 In other words we cant download the full installation file as we do in the case of Mozilla Firefox or internet explorer.

A computer with good speed internet connection will not suffer much. But a dial up user may experience things a little bit annoying because the chrome online setup is very slow in installation.

The solution have found by the tech guys and is widely using around. They created an offline chrome installer by extracting the installed files of google chrome and put together to form a complete installer like mozilla. This is  useful when you have to install the chrome on more than one computer so that the setup can be copied to each one and run.

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer Latest

This Google chrome standalone version download from is free from viruses and other vulnerabilities so you don't have to pay much attention on this )

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Anonymous said...

I tried these procedures, but currently, does not work for the complete installation file, just a link to a small file => "ChromeSetup.exe" (897kb) <= will download the full installation file.
This file directs you to a small file, when run it only then will download google chrome.
Full installation file is over 20MB or 30MB, I'm not sure.
Please, do you know where I can really find the full installation file?

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