Friday, April 16, 2010

8051 Microcontroller Free Ppt Presentation

8051 controller is the basic micro controller that the electronics student might study in almost all courses. Here is a Microsoft power point presentation (.ppt) that describes the the 8051 in a whole. The presentation was actually created by Suresh Kumar KB, Lecturer in electronics.

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The presentation includes :

8051 microcontroller architecture

  • Architecture
  • Features
  • Pin details
  • General Block Diagram
  • Internal Block Diagram
  • Memory structure
  • Internal RAM structure
  • Register bank structure
  • Special function register (SFR)

8051 Hardware features
  • Timers
  • Timer modes
  • Serial port
  • Serial port modes
  • Interrupts
  • External memory interfacing
  • External RAM & ROM interfacing

8051 Programming
  • Instruction sets
  • Arithmetic Operation Group
  • Logical  Operation Group
  • Data Transfer Group
  • Boolean Variable Manipulation Group
  • Program Branching Group

Microcontroller Interfacing Chips
  • 8255 Programmable perpheral interface (PPI)
  • 8253 Programmable interval timer
  • 8279 Programmable Keyboard / Display Interface
  • 8251 Programmable Communication Interface

Applications of microcontroller 8051
  • Stepper Motor Control
  • Matrix Keyboard
  • Dynamic 7 Segment Display
  • Analog to Digital converter
  • DC Motor Control
  • LCD Display
  • Serial Data Transfer

Download 8051 Powerpoint ppt

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