Thursday, April 22, 2010

15 Pc Problems : Causes and Remedies

Computers has had problems in every aspect since their origin. Effective maintenance of  a computer would make its life up to several years. Here is most common problems that would be possible to attack  a PC and remedies for each.

Problem 1

No power to system. Power lights does not illuminate and no fan inside the power supply is working, keyboard indicators doesn't turn on.

Cause : Power cable is unplugged
Remedy : Make sure the power cable is plugged in securely

Cause : Power Cable fault
Remedy : Replace the power cable with a good one

Cause : Power supply failure
Remedy : Check the mains supply outlet with a tester or multimeter. If It is ok and the pc is still not working,  contact technical support.

Problem 2

Keyboard lights are on, power light is on, hard drive indicator is blinking and hard drive is spinning but the system is inoperative.

Cause : Your Computer's memory DIMM (RAM) is partially dislodged from the memory slot.
Remedy :  Reinsert the RAM - Turn off computer and take cover off the system unit by removing the screws. Using even pressure on both ends of the memory module and press down firmly to snap the modules into place.

Cause : The memory modules are covered of dust. This causes to produce static electricity in the modules.  
Remedy : Take it out and wipe with a soift cloth and reinsert to exact place.

Problem 3
The computer does not boot from hard disk. But can be booted from extenal devices like CD rom.

Cause : Hard drive (HDD) connector to system  board is unplugged.
Remedy : If the system shows a message like "INVALID DRIVE SPECIFICATION" when attempting FDISK utility, then check the HDD cable and reconnect it to make sure that both ends are securely plugged in.

Cause :  Damaged Hard disk drive or HDD controller.
Remedy : Format the hard dik, if unable to format replace the hard disk

Cause : Hard disk directory or FAT system is defective.
Remedy : Run FDISK program, format the hard disk (back up data before formating to another hard drive)

Problem 4

The hard disk is working properly, read and write operations can be done but system doesn't boot from hard disk. CD ROM booting is also possible

Cause: Hard disk drive boot program may be destroyed due to virus or any other reasons.
Remedy : Reformat the hard disk and re install the applications. (back up data before perform fomat)

Problem 5

Error message "SECTOR NOT FOUND" while trying to retrieve certain data
Causes : Usually there are a number of problems behind this. it may due to HDD error, bad sector in HDD or due to virus infections.
Remedy : Back up data the perform a low level format and partiotion the space then perform a high level format. Restore all data using back up.

Problem 6
System show  a message says "CMOS Failure" or "Invalid configuration"

Cause : In correct Setup configuration
Remedy : Check the configuration proram to replace anny incorrect information.

Problem 7

Screen is blank, but CPU is still works

Cause : Power supply to monitor is failed
Remedy : Check the monitor power cable and make sure that the plug is securely connected to mains socket.

Cause : Monitor data cable is not connected to CPU
Remedy : Check the monitor data connector cable and make sure it is well fixed on the socket and tightened the screws

Problem 8

No screen, CPU and monitor are working

Cause : Computer virus
Remedy : Try to log on using safe mode. then install a good updated antivirus software to remove the threats from your computer. If nothing works, format your hard disk.

Problem 9

Keyboard is inoperative, no indiacator lights are illuminating

Cause : Keyboard is disconnected from CPU

Remedy :  Reconnect the keyboard cable to correct socket and check the keys, restart windows

Problem 10

No color on screen

Cause : Faulty monitor
Remedy : Replace the monitor if it does not work on other computers.

Cause : Error in CMOS set up
Remedy : Enter CMOS set up and correct if you are not femilier with such things call technical support.

Problem 11

The computer does not boot

Cause : The operating system will not load
Remedy : Check for virus, re install the operating system

cause : Error in CMOS sequence
Remedy : Check the stsrtup sequence in CMOS set up

Problem 12

The mouse is not working, the computer doesnot respond to it

Cause : Mouse is not connected to the system or it's not operative
Remedy : connect the mouse cable to computer or replace the mouse if required

Problem 13

Certain keys in the keyboard do not function.

Cause : Key jammed or the keyboard is faulty
Remedy : Deattatch the keys from the keyboard, clean the dust and re insert it. Replace the keyboard if required

Problem 14

C: drive failure

Cause : Hard disk drive is not connected properly to mother board
Remedy : check and reconnect HDD cable

Problem 15

Error message says "NTLDR Is Missing"

Cause :  A number of cuases could be behind this

1. Sysem booting from a non bootable source
2. boot.ini file is currepted
3. On attempting to upgrade from win 95, 98, ME
4. On adding new hard disk
5. currepted boot sector etc,

Remedy : Re install/repair your windows installation with a bootable CD (check this for more info about this error)

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