Sunday, January 17, 2010

196 Free Malayalam Fonts Download

Free Fonts! Here is a collection of 196 cool fonts in Malayalam language.Download and extract  all files using Winrar and copy it in to fonts folder in control panel.These fonts are compatible to  almost all text editing software's like ms office and open-source office. Click the below link download all files as a bundle package 100% FREE! 
Malayalam Fonts free download
included fonts are:
1. athira
2. astamudi
3. anjali
4. anakha
5. ambili
6. aswathi
7. Bhavana
8. Beckal bold
9. Chandrika
10. Kala
11. Nanditha
12. Malavika
13. Yashari
14. Thunchan
15. Thakazhi
16. Thiruvathira
17. Theyyam
18. Sruthy
19. Surya
20. Suparna
21. Sugatha
23. Sarada
24. Sabari
25. Rohini
26. Ravivarma
27. Periyar
28. Poornima
29. Pooram
30. Onam
31. Narmada
32. Nandini
33. Nila
34. Nalini
35. Mayoori
36. Madhavi
37. Mangala
38. Leela
and more varieties..........

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rohan said...

woh..nice..this is what i looking for..

gopan said...

really cool!

jenny said...

karthika font is good one..

vineeth said...

thank you

nikhil said...

thank you very much

abdul kareem said...

oh.. nice fonts

Anonymous said...



adarshmadhu aadhuknight said...

ohhhhhhhhh nice its realy usefull

Sajith T said...


need help ---
]how to type combinational letters ???????

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