Monday, August 17, 2009


Hai friends,aircel now introduce 97RS 1 month plan for unlimited pocket internet in kerala and some other states. they offer a browsing speed of 33KB/s.But most of the users complain about its browsing speed as it is very slow (shame aircel)..........
(before reading further check facts about increasing internet speed)
Here i publishing some simple useful tips and idea s to increase its speed.

You need a internet speed booster right! I suggest an optimizing software named TCP/IP OPTIMIZER.
many people suggest internet cyclon but in my opinion TCP/IP OPTIMIZER is the best.
In TCP/IP OPTIMIZER u can see a sliding bar that indicates connection speed.
move this to level 112 kbps. then select optimal settings , then press APPLY CHANGES. restart ur pc.
in my experience this settings boost the speed up to 200%.

Also use firefox or opera 10 for browsing internet. This can optimize internet speed rather than your old internet explorer.

Use another useful software named CONNECTION KEEPER.Connection Keeper is an invaluable time-saving tool for dial-up users. This free program simulates Internet browsing (at a random interval) to prevent the connection from appearing idle, thus preventing your ISP from dropping the connection due to inactivity. note that connection keeper is not an internet accelerator software so use it only if you had a problem of  connection dropping.
In CONNECTION KEEPER , set query interval to 0.10 sec.(best because our aircel is vvv slw)
run this program in background. remember to put ON keep the connection alive option.


Click Here to Read Tricks to increase downloading speed

I suggest Internet Download manager ( IDM) for boosting your downloads because it is the only software that uses the bandwidth without wasting. use it and u can get downloading speed approx. 10 - 15 kbps. I call this as pocket internet booster because i saw a dramatic increase in downloading speed by using this.

After Optimizing the settings I get the following level of speed during midnight using Nokia 6233 mobile phone
If your speed doesn't get increased,  it may due to a temporary network failure contact aircel customer care

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Anonymous said...

fuck yo these things wont work....

sintu said...

How to increase speed(30-40kbps) from AIRCEL POCKET INTERNET?? plz sen me email at www. or give me a message/suggestion my mobile 9239639834

Anonymous said...

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No need any soft.
in mobile it will downlaod in short time

Abdul Rashid said...

these things and more can be found on www. aircel offers. tk

Seetha said...

Yes accelerators are very useful to the internet processing also with the increasing the internet speed... I too got the accelerator for my internet boost up.. Then i check my internet speed in here @ free of costs..

Shridhar Goel said...

I am using aircel pocket internet via Nokia 2700 classic n i am getting very slow speed. I have tried many speed optimizers but i think they r not affecting my net speed. If u have any suggestion pls e-mail it to me.
My id is

mobileplan india said...

Now the aircel gprs speed is increased throgh aircel. :-)

Ganesan K said...

HI buddy,

Thank you for sharing a nice article...

Salman said...

"why cant we select a range like 2Mbs or more
in TCP

lunatic said...

its all rubish...i tried evrytng but wont work

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