10 Email Anti Spam Software – Spam Identifier

Here’s an introduction to the top 10 Email antispam softwares might be useful to keep your email spam free. Nowadays Email spamming seems to be more selective among spammers including website owners and virus spreader’s because of it’s immediate results. So we should take some extra care in managing our emails and account to protect […]

Top 50 Computer Maintenance Tips of All Time

Our personal computer is surely one of the best friend that you have all the time. They assist you in doing your works at office, home, maintaining your contacts, Chatting, entertainments, Gaming and all other activities are you just with your PC. Thus we need to keep it efficient all the time. So some PC […]

Top 10 Free Antispyware Programs To Protect Your Computer

We use computers and internet day  bay day, as a tech blogger I am forced to talk about spyware’s. Spyware is a piece of software that gathers and reports information about a computer user without his knowledge and show ads that not really the user wants. malwares are also part of spyware, more broadly spyware […]

Happy Diwali 2015 Whatsapp Status Quotes Wishes SMS

The festival Diwali or Deepavali, which is also known as the festival of lights, is celebrated every year. Diwali is one of the largest and brightest festivals in India. Diwali highlights the victory of good over evil. On this festival People Light their Houses with colorful Lamps, Lights, Candle and kids are enjoying this day with various […]

Fix Obtaining IP Address Android WiFi Problem

Recently, I’ve upgraded my android phone Samsung galaxy ace to new firmware. But after doing this, there are problems arised related to WiFi. Before the firmware upgrade to android 2.3.5, there was no difficulty in connecting WiFi to my mobile as it automatically connects when I switch on WiFi. But the upgrade cuases to show “Obtaining IP Address”  on the […]

Best 5 Android Free Games that Keeps You Entertained

Today android phones and tablets are getable for even ordinary people and everyone looks for fun rather than just using a mobile phone. The best way to overcome a boring evening is to play some games that clicked in the android market which gives you entertainment at its best. Here’s some of the android free […]

5 Tips for You to Securely Use Your Android Phones

There is no doubt that we have been provided great convenience with the rapid development of information technology, especially the booming of smartphones in recent years. However, problems are also accompanied in this process. Here is one, to which we should pay special attention: some apps stalled on the phone may collect users’ information and […]

How to Manually Recover the Unsaved Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel is one component of Microsoft Office program, which is designed for Microsoft Microsoft and Apple Macintosh operating system. Excel is a very important part of Microsoft Office suite and it can perform calculation, analyze information and manage data from a spreadsheet or web page. It can provide users with many functions. Users can […]